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About Us


The College which opened in 1963 occupies a pleasant rural site on the outskirts of Aughnacloy. The school has undergone significant growth over the past ten years with the school doubling in size. The school prides itself in the excellent academic outcomes of the pupils and the extensive curriculum on offer which enables Year 11 and 12 pupils to study 24 subjects. The curriculum incorporates a wide variety of both academic and vocational courses.

Aughnacloy College prides itself in providing excellent pastoral care in a family like atmosphere.

Aims of the College

  1. To establish positive partnerships with feeder schools, the home, the community and other services.

  2. To provide a caring and challenging learning environment.

  3. To promote positive behaviour and good personal relationships.

  4. To develop the pupils’ self-confidence and self-discipline.

  5. To equip pupils for learning in life and work

  6. To recognise that all pupils are individuals with unique talents and needs.

  7. To recognise and respect the right of each member of our school community.

Extra Curricular Activities/Music Tuition


All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum for the first three years which means the equipments of the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Key Stage III. At Key Stage IV all pupils take at least one subject from each of the six areas of study with a further choice of optional subjects.

COMPULSORY SUBJECTS – Religious Education, Physical Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Careers, LLW.
OPTIONAL SUBJECTS – English Literature, History, Geography, Business Studies, Information Systems, Music, Home Economics, Child Development, Double Award Science, Technology and Design, Physical Education, Art and Design, Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies and Construction studies and French.

These Programmes of study lead to all pupils being entered for GCSE. In Business studies students have the Opportunity to take RSA examinations.

Pastoral Care

There is a great emphasis on the personal development of each child. This starts with strong links with our Primary Schools and developed through our Pastoral Care Programme. The Form Teacher plays a key role in delivering this programme and building the self-confidence of the pupils. The pupils are taught study skills, and life skills and are rewarded for consistent good behaviour and improvement in performance.

All pupils are given the use of a good lockable locker for their books and sports equipment.

School Ethos 


Aughnacloy College is a coeducational non selective school with a Christian ethos which respects the rights and beliefs of the individual.



Achieving, Learning, Caring



Homework is considered to be an important aspect of the learning process. A homework policy can be inspected in college and a special homework diary is available for all pupils. A homework club runs at lunchtime to assist pupils with various aspects of their homework.



Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the education of their children. This is done through our communications network, progress reports at Christmas and June, and the visits of parents to college. Parents are informed about individual consultations and are encouraged to contact the college on matters of concern.



The wearing of college uniform is compulsory and according to the official list.

GCSE Summary


5 or more A* - C

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